Protecting Fragile Items When Moving

Many people moving house fear that when they arrive at their new home, their fragile belongings such as glassware will be broken. To avoid breaking any of your delicate items, antiques and other valuables, you will have to make sure you pack correctly. The key to good packing is preparation, so be sure to purchase all the packing tape you need, as well as organising the boxes and materials (such as bubble wrap or newspaper) to provide protection. Give yourself plenty of time to pack fragile items, otherwise you will rush - and rushing could result in breakages while packing, or not packing items correctly. To pack fragile items make sure you have scissors, boxes, bubble wrap, and newspaper, as well as cardboard that can be bent around your fragile objects.

Make sure you wrap everything well and do not leave any space inside vessels such as mugs or crockery. Also be sure to pack newspaper or bubble wrap in the empty spaces in your box to make sure nothing moves around.