Put A Spring In Your Step As You Move

Relocating to a new home on the other side of town, or on the other side of the country, is a big job for all involved. Most folks choose to move in the summer because there's less chance of rainfall during the move. Naturally the moving industry's peak season is in summer. Like in any other industry, peak season means high demand and low supply, resulting in price-hike. Petrol retailers also tend to raise their prices during the holiday period, which further increases the price of moving services.

To make matters worse, summer weather can get brutally hot. When the thermometer starts to register around 30 degrees Celsius, there's a real risk that somebody will get heat stroke. Spring is a better season for moving house, because the temperatures won't get so high. Scheduling a mover's appointment is easier during the spring. It's also easier to schedule extra work, like renovations, carpet laying, and landscaping, to fit in with a spring move. If your mover has an open schedule, the Huffington Post suggests you book the first appointment of their day. People are most fresh and ready to work first thing in the morning.