Reduce Your Environmental Impact As You Move

Moving house is hard enough without considering the environmental impact of all those boxes, and plastic, as well as the fuel for the drive. Luckily, if you avoid damaging packaging materials and reuse and recycle as much as possible, you can make your next move much greener. Services such as reusable boxes, containers and other packing materials are a great way to cut down your wastage. To avoid having too much of your leftover moving materials end up in landfill, make sure you also sort through any recyclables and place them in your recycling bin. This is essential because the average move in Australia uses about 30 kg of cardboard alone. To further reduce your package costs and environmental impact, try wrapping delicate items in your own towels, sheets and even clothes. Remember to reuse whatever you can and use reusable bags instead of plastic bags for your packing, as these can be saved instead of thrown in the bin. Another effective option is to hire moving boxes and materials, rather than buying them. Boxes for hire are often more durable and easier to use compared to their cardboard cousins, and make for an easy eco-friendly solution. Source: