Reducing Waste During A Move

Reducing the cost of your move is a great idea, not just for your wallet, but also for the environment. Normally when people move homes, there's so much debris and refuse like packing tape and cardboard and wrapping papers left over at the end of everything that it's no wonder why there's a red alert going off for the environment!

We at Boomerang Boxes know that better than anybody seeing as how our moving boxes are made of recycled plastic and are meant for rent! That means that when you reuse the boxes after your move, other people can continue to use them without using up more resources from the environment! But besides using out sturdy plastic boxes, there are lots of other things that you can do to make sure that you reduce your carbon footprint when you're intending to move. Reducing the amount of Packing Materials - The tapes and the protective wrapping and filling for the boxes like bubble wrap and papers are generally thrown away once you start unpacking, so it's best to use as little as possible so that you don't end up throwing away big bags full of junk when you're done. Think about what alternatives you can use for filling and wrapping before you start, the next point should help.... Reusing stuff that's lying around - While we would love for you to use our services, you can still make use of cardboard boxes that you have around the house. Especially if you are buying new items for your new home, you'll have lots of boxes that can still be used in the event that you choose not to rent. You can also ask grocery shops to hold on to a few boxes for you to reuse. At the same time, towels and newspapers make for wonderful padding and filling material and are also very eco-friendly too! Using Bio-degradable Items - Remember to check if your other packing materials are either reusable or recyclable. Even your cleaning equipment could also make a big difference if they are made of eco-friendly and bio-degradable substances. Just Cut Down! A simple way to reduce wastage during your move - and something many people neglect to do - is to cut down on how much you take with you. Be scrupulous when it comes to deciding what you really need to take with you and, as the saying goes, if in doubt, throw it out. Other items that are still good quality but are not needed in your new home can easily be sold through a garage sale or online. You might even want to further reduce your load by giving away unwanted items to charity. We really want to do our part to make sure that we take measures to be environmentally friendly and there may be some tips here that we have left out. Please do continue to contribute to Boomerang Boxes tips so that we and our other customers can continue to make a difference when we are moving homes!