The Secrets Of Packing For A Move

Boomerang Boxes are all about convenience and durability and when it comes to packing, believe us when we say that we know what we're talking about! There's a lot of advice out there for packing when you're about to move and packing for a move can be a real pain if not done right. Imagine if you didn't label a box or organize what goes where, we worry about how you're going to manage unpacking too! We've filtered some of our favourite tips and hope that these secrets to packing successfully will help you in your moving journey.

Preparing Where to start, that's the most important question! Take measurements of your items and the room spaces both in the old home and the new so you have an idea of where furniture is going to go when you shift things in. Also do your research about the different companies and if you're not in a hurry, take the time to compare the different quotes! You just might save a pretty penny! And at the same time get a good deal at service packages too. At the same time, start making a list of the people (and companies) you have to inform about the move so that you mail gets forwarded to the right place. Packing - Have a Survival Bag - A good idea is to live out of that suitcase until you move so you inadvertently prevent yourself from accidentally packing things you need. You should think of packing clothes, important documents and toiletries that you will need every day) into a suitcase which can also be used for the first few days as you're settling into your new home. Just like going on a holiday, even if your destination is furnished, it will probably be bare of the essentials. - Sort out your Things - ideally, you want to pack room by room, but as this is not always possible due to different kinds of items requiring different kinds of packing, sort your stuff into groups (such as linens, books, bedding etc) and then pack each group together. - Set aside fillers - collect miscellaneous items that don't belong in any particular room and set these aside for box fillers. You will have lots of boxes that aren't quite full, and adding these items will not create a problem when you come to unpack as they have no particular home anyway. You might even get new ideas of where they can go when you unpack! Moving In Give your house a thorough cleaning before setting any items in their new permanent place. I you start off with a clean house, you're likely to maintain a clean house over the years - and who knows how clean the previous owners were, better to get their years of dirt and grime out of the way! If you need more tips on packing for your family on the impending move, check out some of our other blog posts or find out how we can help you make sure that packing is a breeze with our plastic moving boxes for rent!