Self-Storage Tips When Renovating

Storing household items while you renovate means you'll have room to work and nothing will get broken accidentally. The following are some self-storage tips that will help ease the pain of moving:

  • Do some research: shop around online for information on self-storage and to find a storage facility that suits your needs.
  • Put it in boxes: boxing up your possessions for storage will protect them from dirt and breakages, and will make moving things into storage much easier.
  • Work out a timeframe: knowing how long your renovation will take means you can book the correct amount of time to store your belongings.
  • Consider mobile storage: consider having a storage container delivered to your door and then taken to a storage facility when you have filled it.
  • Find secure storage: make sure the storage facility you choose has adequate security and also protection from vermin and pests that could damage your goods.
  • Consider insurance: if the goods you are storing are valuable, consider taking out insurance to cover theft or damage.