How To Sell Unwanted Items Online

Moving house invariably forces you to have a clean out, but how are you going to get rid of the items? You COULD head down to the local dump or donate the toys and clothes, but if you really wanted to get the most out of your items, you'd host a jumble sale! We understand that not everybody will have the time and space to really hold a sale out of their front porch or backyard, so you can look at other alternatives - like how to sell unwanted items quickly and easily online.

  • Find a website to host your items: There are so many options these days! There's and Amazon of course, but your local community may have some options as well on Craigslist or gumtree. Multiple listings will of course increase the chances that somebody looking for what you have will see your listing and offer you a price!
  • Organize your items for easy cataloging: Yes everything is eventually going to be listed, but being organized helps you to remember what you've decided to sell! Put everything you want to sell in categories (e.g. toys, books, clothes etc). This will help you with the next step a lot too!
  • Put up your listing! Give the item a straightforward title (exactly what it is), as this will be the word buyers search for. Include a short description of what the item is and what it does and any background info and special features. BE honest and share if there are defects too. Items that are slightly damaged might not sell for quite such a high amount, but people may still want them!
  • Make it Flattering!: Photograph your item from various angles and close up (clothes should be modelled) so that people can have a better idea of the item. Look out for other features for the item that you are selling especially if it happens to be branded or vintage or worth a fair bit of money.
  • Decide on the mode of payment and the amount: If using Ebay, decide on a starting bid (minimum price you will accept), bidding increments (small, if the item is cheap), the timeline (how long it will be available) and how it will be shipped (usually flat-rate shipping). If you don't have one, open a PayPal account (simple and free), as this is how you will most likely be paid for your items on Ebay.

All these ideas here will hopefully increase the chances of your items being noticed online and here's crossing our fingers that you get great offers for you things! For the rest of your items that you've kept to bring to your new home, you may want to keep them aside or even start packing if you've got time. Call Boomerang Boxes about our sturdy and durable plastic boxes for rent and you'll have that extra space to sort out the things for sale in no time!