Six Steps To Moving Success

Moving home is a big lifestyle change. With the move comes new surroundings, and maybe even a new neighbourhood community. But first, there's moving to do, and moving house requires planning. Here's a six-step guide to moving home from Adelaide Now.

  1. Shop around for removalists in advance. It's best to go with a company that's affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removals Association. See if any friends or family will agree to lend a hand with the move too.
  2. Once you've booked the removalists, and some friends have agreed to help out, decide which household items are worth moving. Remember that the more you move, the more it costs.
  3. Stock up on boxes and start packing early. If your new home is already vacant, and you have the keys, do some preliminary moving before the big day. Pack an overnight box with some clean clothes, toiletries, and a snack.
  4. Double-check your arrangements before the move. Speak with the utility companies to ensure the electricity and water is running in your new place. Call the removalists to confirm your appointment too.
  5. On moving day, take care of the kitchen and the bedroom first, so you can eat and take a nap no matter what goes wrong.
  6. In the first 24 hours after the move, check all the boxes for damage, and make any necessary claim with your insurance provider promptly.