Stay Sane And Plan Your Move

Life is full of unexpected surprises, so it's nice to have a well thought out plan to account for those tasks you're anticipating. Getting things done smoothly, on time, and with minimal hassle is always the best option, particularly when it comes to moving home. says a smooth home move boils down to forward planning and preparation. Start by shopping around for moving companies, and remember to ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. Pick up some moving supplies well in advance. Begin with boxes, plastic bags, markers, packing tape, and packing materials. Look into wardrobe boxes, which are perfect for light, bulky items, including hanging clothes. Use a measuring tape to calculate how many boxes you will need, then buy or hire a few extra. Carefully decide what's good enough to move, and what to sell, donate, or throw away. Pack related items together so the boxes are easy to unpack. Remember that boxes are only made of cardboard, and if you put too much weight in, the box might break. Hire plastic boxes if you want to avoid this altogether. Make a detailed list of what you've packed, itemize the list for each box, and label each box so you can easily find everything you've packed. For advanced packing, use highlighters to colour coordinate boxes for specific rooms. With a comprehensive plan set out, moving home is a breeze.