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Stress Less With These Moving Tips

Moving house is a big task with heaps of little parts that can trip up a novice. Thankfully Mum's Grapevine has compiled a list of helpful hints to get you moving as smoothly as possible.

  1. Spread the packing out a cross a four-week schedule, packing a little part every day. This will save you from getting overwhelmed at the last minute.
  2. Look on Gumtree, and on community notice boards, for used cardboard boxes. Lots of people give them away for free, or at least for a discounted price.
  3. Use your linen, bedding, clothing, cushions and pillows for box cushioning.
  4. Buy a big chisel point marker and label all of your boxes clearly, on the top, and all sides.
  5. Use highlighters to colour-code your boxes, so the movers know which box goes where.
  6. Keep an eye out for empty space, like in your fridge, or washing machine, and fill it with soft, light, and durable items.
  7. Prevent breakage by layering a paper plate between each of your china items.
  8. Keep your children occupied with a packet of crayons, telling them to decorate the moving boxes. Otherwise, it's a good idea to leave them with a babysitter elsewhere.
  9. Pack a 'overnight essentials' box, with your pyjamas, toothbrush, snacks, and toilet paper.
  10. As you move in, make your bed first, just in case you need a nap later.
  11. Outsource any tasks that you don't think you can handle. A little money spent on help will save you big time on silly and expensive mistakes.