Study Finds People "Lose" Partner's Stuff When Moving

A study by Delivery Quote Compare has revealed some interesting statistics about peoples' behaviour when moving house. The study found that:

  • 31% took the opportunity to "lose" hated things that belonged to their partners.
  • 38% of those blamed it on the removalist.
  • More women than men were guilty of losing their partner's things.
  • The items most commonly "lost" were unfashionable clothing (57%), sports memorabilia (44%) and gifts from a partner's ex (37%).
  • Those men guilty of "losing" things cited gifts from their partner's ex as most hated (55%), followed by cuddly toys (43%) and too many clothes (35%).

The study also found:

  • 72% of participants found moving stressful and listed reasons for this as having to move all their possessions, having to change their address and wondering if the move was a good idea.
  • On a brighter note, 84% said they used moving as an excuse to get rid of unwanted items (not just their partner's, but their own as well).