Sydney Moving Boxes

Boomerang Boxes are made of sturdy, industrial-strength plastic that's already shaped and lidded. And they come in two convenient sizes! 50L box measures 60cm x 40cm, and 73L box measures 68cm 43cm.

Order your boxes by 2:00pm, and we will guarantee next business day delivery.

Our moving boxes are made from industrial strength plastic (just try breaking one of these babies!), so they will protect your goods like no other box can. This strength, means that you will use less packing paper, and less packaging supplies to pack and pad out your moving boxes.

Our 50L medium sized moving box, is like the traditional book and wine carton, which means its ideal for smaller heavier items, like books, wine, plates, kitchen stuff, glasses, garage tools etc. Sydney removalists have even reported to us that this size is ideal for apartments, and homes with smaller corridors and doorways.

Our 73L large sized moving box, is like the traditional tea chest moving box. It's ideal for larger and lighter items, and especially good for office filing, lever arch files, accountant office relocations, archive filing, legal offices and more.

Boomerang Boxes are changing the way everyday Australians move. Long gone are the days of buying new cardboard boxes, assembling them and taping them, packing out with butchers paper, and so on. And the best part about moving with Boomerang Boxes, is we come and collect the mess when you're done unpacking! No mess, no cardboard wastage, and no hours lost assembling and disassembling boxes.

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