The 5 Best Household Items You Can Use For Packing

Buying packing materials for moving house can become expensive and wasteful - and there's only so much you can do with newspaper and packing peanuts. That's why it makes sense to use as many of your own household items as possible as packing material for your big move. These five tips to keep your valuables safe and your moving costs down come from Apartment Therapy:

  • Pillows of any shape, size or function can be placed at the top of big boxes. This will help to ease the pressure on the box's contents by providing plenty of padding.
  • While it may be more convenient to pack your wardrobe away into a dedicated clothing box, you can also use your clothes as packing material. This will help you save money when it comes to hiring boxes, as you won't need to find a dedicated clothing box.
  • Place linens, such as towels and sheets, between fragile items like kitchen goods, or use them to wrap up large breakable items, such as picture frames.
  • Sealed up ziploc bags are great for packing glassware and other ornamental items where pressure on any points could cause breakage. Seal them up with a line of tape as well as the ziploc closure, and you'll be able to pack breakable items easily with plenty of air cushioning.
  • It might seem strange to put food in boxes with the rest of your household goods, but pantry goods such as beans, rice and lentils can help fill up awkward spaces in boxes.