The Basics Of Moving House

Have you ever heard the expression "practice makes perfect"? Moving home for the first time is a standing testament to this. On the first go around, moving house might be a bit of a nightmare, but with time and experience, the task gets easier, writes Moata at Blog Idle. Every home is different, but there are some basic rules that everybody should follow when moving home. Organisation is key, and the best way to organise is with a list. Use lists to keep track of your belongings, and set priority targets for the move. Activate the utilities in your new home and switch off the utilities in your old home. As a rule, the earlier you start packing, the better. Be ruthless when deciding what to take with you and what to get rid of. Make these decisions early, so you will have enough time to get rid of your unwanted junk at the tip. Packing everything into your moving truck, or your storage facility, is a big part of the move. Make this part easier on yourself by picking up some utensils from the hardware shop, like packing straps, padding, and plastic wrap.