The Big Move To College: How To Make It Simpler

College is a great opportunity to make lifelong friends and learn valuable skills. A big part of the college experience is living outside of home in a share house or campus dormitory, and learning to take care of day-to-day necessities. But first, the students have to move in. The Huffington Post suggests you start by packing a box or bag of essential items that will cover all needs for the first 24 hours. A change of clothes, a toothbrush, some food, and a book ought to cover the bare essentials. Many hands make light work, and two heads are better than one, so get a friend to help pack. A second set of hands will help when closing over-stuffed bags. Write a list of everything that's getting packed, and have your friend help cross the items off so nothing is forgotten. Try using rental moving boxes, which have a great storage volume, and can be returned when done. Whether you're driving everything to college, using a moving company, or shipping it, take care to protect any fragile items with proper packing materials. Moving companies are great when you don't have a big car or truck to use for the move, while a shipping company is best for long distances. Don't send any big items, like mattresses or couches, with a shipping company. For those long distance moves, it might be easier to buy those items when you get there.