The Home Moving Experience

Moving home is a task that gets easier with experience, but that experience is hard-fought. Hiring a moving company to help out will make moving home easier, but it's expensive, and will stifle the learning experience that comes with doing it yourself. Thankfully there are plenty of experts who are happy to share their experiences and helpful advice. Southern California's The Home Mag put together some collected wisdom for successfully moving home. Label every box, and write a rough description of each box's contents on a recipe card. Pack and label boxes according to where the box will go in your new home. You will end up with a handful of these cards, so put them in an envelope, and keep a tight grip on it. For the big items, like furniture and appliances, you probably won't find a box big enough. When you pack these big items in your truck, carefully secure them with packing straps to keep them from moving around. Wrap a couple of moving blankets around these items too, to protect from any accidental bumps, dents or scratches. Remember to lift with your legs, stay hydrated, and take breaks. Moving home isn't a race, and it's best to take a little extra time making sure you do everything correctly, and safely.