Things People Forget When Moving Home

A home is where the heart is, but it's also where you keep your stuff. Moving to a new home means taking important stuff with you, getting rid of the useless junk, and hopefully not getting those two categories muddled. Here's a list of some items that are often forgotten during a move, thanks to

  1. Items left with repairers. Whether it's a pair of shoes left with a cobbler, or a pair of slacks with the tailor, you've already paid for the repair. Make sure you pick it up before moving.
  2. Don't leave personal records behind, as you wil?ll need them where you a're going.
  3. Bring your list of phone numbers, addresses and personal correspondence, because that's irreplaceable.
  4. Write down your new mailing address and contact information. Keep this information with you until you can remember it off by heart.
  5. Pick up any spare keys you ha've left out the front of your old home.
  6. Register your change of address with the post office so that your bills and subscriptions get through to you.
  7. If you had a garage door opener, leave it for the new tenants.
  8. Take care to cancel any gym subscriptions, club memberships, or library cards if you're moving far away.
  9. Speak with your bank about the move. You may have to switch banks.
  10. Clean up your old home after you've removed all your stuff, and dispose of anything you've left behind.