Tips From A Military Family On Moving House

Military families move a lot. It's part of the job. Because of all of this moving experience, they've really got packing and moving down to a fine art. One military family has shared their specific list of tips and advice to help less seasoned movers make the transition a little smoother:

  • Label boxes on the top and all sides and never just write "kitchen" on it. Write all of the major items that are in each box. This will make it easier to access the important items first and locate things quickly when necessary.
  • Always pack heavy items in small boxes so they are easier to carry. Boxes can break easily if you overload them, and if everything is a two man job, unpacking and moving boxes around can be difficult.
  • Pack large items into the removal van first. Start by bringing everything outside and separating it into categories of big, medium and small boxes, rather than sorting by room. You'll be able to fit much more by packing in the big stuff first.
  • Downsize before you pack. Before you move clear out things you don't need and get your kids to do the same. This will rid your home of unwanted bits and pieces and will make the packing and moving process a whole lot lighter.