Tips For Moving House With A Dog

If you are thinking of moving with family we've got some tips that you just have to read about. Except when we're talking about family, we're talking about furry and cuddly type! Dogs, cats, rabbits and even fish are a lot more susceptible to changes in their immediate environment and having to move them from one place to another can actually cause a lot more harm than we would think! To help dog (and cat) owners negotiate packing and moving house with their pet in tow, continue to read on!

Picking a house that accommodates your pooch
Different animals have different space requirements obviously, and short of farm animals, a lot of people are sometimes not so concerned about the needs of their pets over how much the new home may cost per square foot! It's important to think about how much exercise your pet may need and whether your new home and neighbourhood will be able to accommodate you furkid.

Preparing your pet for what's coming
If there ever was a reason for you to get ahead of your packing, this is it! Pet owners should rent packing boxes early or start building their cardboard boxes up with plenty of time to spare. Animals are pretty smart - they can tell that change is in the air and when you start the ball rolling in small incremental amounts, it becomes easier for them to adjust. At the same time, try to keep routines up as much as possible - walks and feeding times especially!

Keeping things familiar
You can try to familiarise your pet ahead of time. If you're able to overlap your leases, this would be a great time to bring your pet to the new premises to get them used to the new environment. Keep old toys handy; anything with scents and feelings of familiarity are very comforting to your pet and can provide a fair amount of reassurance for them amidst all the stress.

Consider a Boarding House?
If you think your pet might be a bit hard to handle on moving day itself, you can think about putting your pet with a certified boarding house for a day or two until things are a bit more calm and settled at the near premises. If this isn't an option, having familiar people around to help you watch over and look after your pet can also be a good alternative.

Update ID Tags
It is rare, but sometimes pets can feel so attached to their old homes, that they return to their old haunting grounds for the want of the familiarity. This can be very worrying for pet owners who probably don't have a clue where their beloved pets might have gone to. Once the move is finalised or fixed, updating ID tags should be top priority on the list! When everything is all said and done, your pet just wants to be with you and needs something to comfort it throughout all the hustle and bustle of the move. Do take time outs once in a while to reassure your pet that the move is a temporary inconvenience. And especially when you're at your new destination, it won't hurt to break out some treats for them because they should celebrate their new homes too!