Tips For Moving At Short Notice

If you are lucky you will have at least a months' notice before you move house. This is ideal because you can slowly start to pack a few boxes each day, and hopefully finish packing a room or more per week. Make use of any extra time by buying all the supplies you will need early, such as packing tape, boxes and filling material. Because you will be packing everything over the space of a month or more, set aside a part of your house to keep everything before you move. If you have much shorter notice (a week or two) then you will definitely need to ask for help from family and friends or a removalist. Your first step is booking the essentials such as moving trucks, and buying or renting your packing boxes, tape and other moving materials. Try not to make too many trips between your old house and your new place if you are using your car because this will waste your time - you'll be driving rather than packing and unpacking.