Tips For Packing Books When You're Moving House

Books can be a little awkward to pack. Here we've got a great list of tips for transporting them with ease the next time you find yourself moving house:

  1. Firstly go through your books and see if there are any that you can donate or give away to friends and family to read. Books are heavy and if you are being charged by weight, you don't want to be moving extra books if you don't have to.
  2. Once you know which ones you're keeping, you need to make sure that the boxes you want to use to pack your books aren't damp in any way and are able to hold the weight. When packing books, use small boxes.
  3. For hardcover books, place them in the box standing upright. Just make sure they aren't packed too tightly as this can leave them damaged.
  4. If the books are very valuable, you might want to wrap them each separately before packing them in the box.
  5. Use a piece of stiff cardboard in between each book to keep the spines straight and to stop them from moving too much during transit.
  6. Once the books have been packed, use bubble wrap to fill any remaining spaces in the boxes.
  7. If the books will be stored away in the boxes for some time, make sure they are stored in a cool, dry place.