Tips For Packing Your Car When Moving

Whether you are moving a few suburbs away or interstate, you'll want to make sure that you are able to pack your car so that you've got all the essentials you need, while keeping everyone comfortable and safe. Here we've listed some useful tips for packing your vehicle when you're moving house:

Overhead carriers - overhead carriers help you transport much more by utilising the space on top of your car. Do your research and invest in a quality carrier. It will be useful when you go on family holidays too.

Vacuum storage bags - There are some items that take up way too much room, like bedding and clothes. Vacuum storage bags are great because they compress everything so it can fit in even the tightest of spaces.

Use bags not boxes for the car - Even if you don't buy vacuum bags, putting things that can be squeezed into small spaces in plastic or fabric bags will ensure that you'll be able to fit them them in awkward spots in your car, like under the seat and in the corners.

Make use of every bit of space possible - Clean out your car before you start packing. What you may find is that there are many extra hidden spots you can store things after all of the kids' water bottles and snacks are removed.