Tips And Tricks For Packing

To reduce the stress of a house move, Benton County Enterprise recommends a planned approach to the event. To reduce packing, get rid of stuff before you start. Decide what you want to keep, then donate anything in good condition or find someone who can reuse your unwanted items. Look for quality packing material and innovative packing solutions. Strong tape and being able to find the end of the tape every time can speed up the process and minimise frustration with the task. If you have big boxes and small items, box dividers can make it easier to pack a number of items securely in the same box. Many hands make light work. Get a crew of mates on board, supply them with food and drink and reduce the stress and time of packing. A "survival kit" will see you through the first night. Pack essentials in one box that you can open when you arrive, saving you the hassle of hunting through box after box at the end of the day. Source: