Top Tips For Moving House

There are lots of tricks to make moving house a more organised, less stressful experience all round. outlines some good habits to check off. Having a system when packing will make labelling boxes easier. Designate an area to keep all your packing supplies and number each box as you go, listing the contents in a notebook or on the box. Stock up on packing supplies, especially boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. Colour coordinating your boxes can help movers at the other end; for example, a blue sticker on any box that needs to go in the living room. Consider a personal box for each member of the family, too, so that they have everything they'll want right away at the new location. Pack up anything you won't really need before the move in advance, including out-of-season clothes and extra kitchen utensils. Try to keep things that belong together in one group. Use tape where needed to ensure your cables stay with their appliances. If you need to clean your home before leaving, plan ahead and see what can be done in advance, then finish off once the boxes are out. Don't forget to keep important papers with you rather than with the movers. Source: