Most WA Residents Planning Move

Recent statistics show that the majority of Western Australian residents are planning to move from their homes. Around half a million adults in Western Australia say they'll move in the next three years but won't leave the state, according to investment property website Your Investment Property (YIP). ABS statistics show that more than three quarters of WA residents intend to move, with 87% of those choosing to stay within the state while only 9% are considering moving interstate. David Waymouth, Director of WA State and Territory Statistical Services, said that the majority of Western Australians planning to move hope to leave joined homes such as units and townhouses for a separate property. There is also a push towards owning a home rather than renting. According to Waymouth, two thirds of those planning to move within WA would like to own their own home. The main factors considered by people planning to move include appearance and layout of a prospective future home. Around four in ten movers cited family and amenities as important deciding factors, with a similar number saying that already knowing an area was a plus. Source: