What's The Best Way To Pack A Moving Truck?

Successfully moving into a new home is a big task no matter how many times you do it. You need to pick a new house, pack your belongings, and organize a moving truck. Then, when it comes time for that move, you have to pack the truck properly. Like any job, there are simple but necessary tools for packing a moving truck, according to Wikihow. Get some plastic wrap to cover the truck floor and keep your furniture clean. Pick up a few packing straps to hold your heavy items in place during transit. Padding is a good idea too, as it will protect your fragile items. Most importantly, get a dolly to help you shift the heavy items, like washing machines and refrigerators. Put the heaviest items in the truck first, and place them in the front of the truck. If youre moving a fridge, remember to defrost it 48 hours beforehand. Try and package your delicate items like paintings and mirrors with cushions and blankets for added protection. Take your most fragile items, and an overnight bag, and pack them into a separate vehicle, like your car. Wherever possible, dismantle your furniture to make it easier to move. If that means removing any screws, nuts, or bolts, put them in an envelope and label it to make the reassembly easier. Use boxes of a uniform size, and layer heavier boxes on the bottom, with lighter boxes on top.