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Relocating is simple with our durable moving boxes in Sydney’s CBD

Moving in Sydney’s CBD can be a real hassle. Most home and business owners are located in high-rise buildings — lugging moving boxes down to the moving truck in an elevator is nightmarish and it gets even worse when the cardboard boxes give way, spilling your belongings all over the place!

Cardboard moving boxes aren’t practical for an inner-Sydney move — but that’s where we come in! 

Boomerang Boxes are the ideal alternative to traditional moving boxes. Made from industrial-strength plastic, our moving boxes are 100% reusable and built to hold far more items than cardboard boxes. Our moving boxes are also stackable so you can save space during the move and keep track of where your belongings are — this makes the unpacking process quick and easy!

Plus, if you choose one of our Boomerang Box packages, we’ll provide a lightweight dolly to help you move boxes to and from the moving truck — we’ll even throw in moving supplies like permanent markers, labels and bubble wrap.

Boomerang Box makes moving in Sydney simple. Order durable moving boxes in Sydney’s CBD today — we’ll deliver them to your location clean, on time and ready for packing!

Boomerang Boxes really are the best alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. Not only are Boomerang Boxes cheaper in the long run but you no longer have to spend hours assembling and taping up cardboard boxes — then disassembling them and filtering them into the recycling bin for weeks at a time.

Cardboard boxes are also prone to tearing, breaking, collapsing and wet weather — they simply aren’t practical!

Boomerang Boxes, on the other hand, come with a huge range of benefits:

  • Cheaper than cardboard boxes. Thanks to their reusable nature, Boomerang Boxes are actually cheaper than cardboard boxes in the long run!
  • Stackable. Boomerang Boxes can be stacked up to four boxes high, meaning you can save space and keep track of where your belongings are throughout the move. It also makes it safer when transporting the boxes on a moving dolly.
  • Water-resistant. Cardboard boxes are rendered useless once they’re wet and put your belongings at risk. Boomerang Boxes are made from durable plastic so your items will stay safe travelling from point A to point B.
  • Sturdy. Boomerang Boxes can’t be crushed like cardboard boxes — your items will arrive in one piece at your new location.
  • Recyclable. Our Boomerang Boxes can be used up to 400 times before we recycle them. They’re the most environmentally friendly option on the market!
  • No mess. Once you’ve finished moving, you won’t have to filter cardboard boxes into the recycling bin or find somewhere to store them. Our team will come and pick up the boxes once you’re finished with them.

Boomerang Boxes are designed to make moving quick and easy. For the most seamless, stress-free move you’ve ever had, get your moving boxes delivered in Sydney’s CBD today!

There are thousands of offices in Sydney’s CBD and we know businesses need large, reliable moving boxes to make relocating simple. With this in mind, we offer three convenient office packages to meet your needs.

Need more than 100 boxes for a big move? No worries! We offer competitive rates for large commercial moves – just get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176. We’ll provide an obligation free quote as well as expert recommendations and advice to ensure your move goes ahead without a hitch.

Hear from our happy customers

Getting Boomerang Boxes for my house move was the best decision I've made. The boxes are a great size, they aren't heavy and they stack perfectly, giving me so much more room to move. I had to put them outside for a while and... was not concerned about my belongings getting damp. Love Boomerang Boxes!read more
Karen S.
Karen S.
We have used these guys 4 times for house moves and they're amazing. The boxes and so convenient for packing and their service is always so friendly and attentive. Will always use boomerang box for any packing needs!
Jaimy L.
Jaimy L.
Boomerang Boxes were excellent. The boxes made our move so much easier and more organised. The crew were very helpful, efficient and a credit to this establishment.
sandy D.
sandy D.
The end to end service was very smooth. The staff are super friendly. I’m so glad that I decided to use these boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes. Not only they made the moving easier but also helped to not add any... extra waste to the environment. Totally recommend themread more
Bahar T.
Bahar T.
Such a great system and awesome service ..easy to use and wheel out on the dolleys...super sturdy and well designed and made. I assure you once you move with this system you will wonder what you have been doing all this time... with cardboard boxes and tape and strained back muscles.I chose the 2 bedroom option and the number and sizes of boxes was spot on ...couldn't have been easier and hassle free to use and organiseread more
Cameron T.
Cameron T.
This is the second time I’ve used Boomerang Box for a move. The boxes make moving so much easier. No stuffing around with tape, no need to dispose of boxes once the move is done and the delivery and drop off service mean that all... you need to do is stack them up and wait for collection.10/10, would recommend!read more
Kiah C.
Kiah C.
We have used Boomerang Box multiple times, and each experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Their product is top-notch, they are consistently reliable, and their team member, Nigel, is incredibly easy to communicate with.... We highly recommend Boomerang Box for all your moving box more
These are great. Sturdy, stackable and reusable. Highly recommend!
Niall C.
Niall C.
I am never buying a cardboard moving box ever again.We got the 3 bedroom moving kit from Boomerang Boxes and it was such a good decision. We also got some recycled butchers paper, labels & a marker and it was the best system.... Even our removalists commented on how great they were.They are incredibly sturdy and each box fits heaps! Once unpacked, they stack right back up and take up very little space. The best part is you don't have to deal with getting rid of flimsy cardboard boxes afterwards + the added enviro bonus of no waste.No need to review any other similar companies, Boomerang Boxes are the cheapest.Their customer service is on point too.I will be a life long customer of this company! Thank you for helping us streamline our move with your brilliant product!read more
Lydia B.
Lydia B.
Boomerang Box crates were easy to use, no tapes required, no waste, quick to pack and easy to move on the trolleys. Delivery and drop off were quick and efficient. Customer service was excellent with quick response time and... queries dealt with promptly. Highly more
Francoise M.
Francoise M.

FAQs about moving boxes in Sydney’s CBD

You can order Boomerang Boxes online or over the phone — the choice is yours! To order online, simply click the “Order Boxes” button in the top right-hand corner of the page. You will then be prompted to provide more information including the pickup and delivery suburb, the items you wish to order, delivery times and contact details.

You can then place the order online — our team will be in touch to organise payment over the phone. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex.

Of course! After each customer has finished moving, our team picks up the Boomerang Boxes and returns them to our central depot where they are cleaned, sanitised and quarantined before moving on to the next person.

We’re committed to keeping you and your belongings safe.

Unfortunately, no. Our Boomerang Boxes are only available to hire — that’s how we keep our prices so low!

It depends on what package you choose and how long you intend to keep them. Individual moving boxes cost $4.00 to $4.40 to rent per week, or we have packages ranging from $119 to $409 per week. Check out our pricing page for more information about costs and what’s included in each package.

Absolutely. If you find yourself running out of Boomerang Boxes, simply get in touch within one business day of the big move. We will have additional moving boxes on your doorstep as soon as possible.

Please note that additional delivery costs may apply.

If you need an extra week or two to unpack, just give us a call on 1300 972 176 and let us know how long you’ll need your Boomerang Boxes (note: additional hire costs may apply). If you need to keep our boxes long term (eight weeks, for example) we will provide a competitive quote for you.

Of course. You never know when plans are going to change and we’ve come to expect the unexpected – if you need to change your delivery date, contact our team with 24 hours notice so we don’t deliver your boxes on the wrong day. If it’s an emergency, we will do what we can to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Yes – we will need you to be there on the day we deliver the boxes and on the day we pick them up. This prevents any damage, vandalism or theft from occurring to the boxes.

You’d be hard-pressed to damage one of our Boomerang Boxes – they’re built tough – but if something happens, we will assess the damage and provide a quote for you to replace them. If you lose one of our Boomerang Boxes, you will be charged a replacement fee of $35 per box or $70 for a moving dolly.

You sure can! We offer a wide range of additional moving supplies like permanent markers, butcher’s paper, bubble wrap, lounge protectors, mattress covers and so much more. We even have durable TV boxes available to purchase to protect screens during the move.

We also offer other moving equipment for hire like hand trolleys, moving dollies, flatbed trolleys, port-a-robes and individual Boomerang Boxes

Yes! We know how hard it can be to determine how many moving boxes are actually needed – if you need a hand, get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176 and let us know how many rooms you need to pack, or the size of the business that needs to be packed up. We’ll provide recommendations and advice around packages and equipment to make the move simple.

Of course, you can! We have medium-sized Boomerang Boxes available for $4.00 per week or large boxes for $4.40 per week.

Yes. We know how expensive a big commercial move can be, especially if you’re working in a multi-storey office building. If you need a large number of boxes and moving equipment, please get in touch with our team for more information about commercial rates and custom packages. We’ll provide a competitive quote to make your move more affordable.

We can also organise long-term hire so you have plenty of time to move into your new office.

If you’re looking for a professional moving service, we can always recommend our sister business, Smart Move Removals & Storage — they’ve been helping home and business owners relocate for 14+ years!

Smart Move offers home and commercial removalist services, pre-packing and unpacking services, storage solutions and more. You can count on Smart Move to transport your belongings to a fresh new location.

Order your Boomerang Boxes online or over the phone today!

Ready to get the packing process underway? Order moving boxes in Sydney’s CBD with Boomerang Box! We have multiple packages to choose from and plenty of moving supplies to make your relocation quick and simple, even in the hustle and bustle of the CBD. 

Take advantage of our online ordering platform or give us a call to place an order now — we’ll have your moving boxes delivered ASAP.

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