How It Works

The difference between packing with cardboard boxes and packing with Boomerang Boxes can be summed up in two words: Absolutely everything — starting with how incredibly easy the Boomerang Box System is to use.
You order

In the time it takes you read this sentence, you can get an instant quote from us online, or just call us at 1300 972 176 any workday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm to get the quote. Then just place your order either online or just call us.

We deliver

We’ll deliver your Boomerang Boxes right to your home or office. But instead owning cardboard boxes that you use only once, with Boomerang Boxes, you’ll be renting the number of rigid, already shaped, sturdy, lidded that you need. Brilliant!

You move

Here’s where you get to experience just how much easier Boomerang Boxes will make your move, and your life. Each Boomerang Box arrives fully assembled, so there’s no folding them into shape, no taping the bottoms, sides and tops, and no temper tantrums using the tape dispenser.

Instead, all you do is fill each Boomerang Box, then snap close the secure lid. And because Boomerang Boxes stack neatly and securely on top of each other, at least 4 or 5 high, they take up far less space as you’re packing. And the stacks glide easily on the custom dolly we supply, making the job even easier.

We pick up

After you’ve moved in and completely unpacked all the Boomerang Boxes, all that’s left do is, well, nothing. That’s because we’ll show up to take all the rented Boomerang Boxes away. Imagine: no boxes to unfold, nothing to dispose of, no clutter of empty cardboard boxes everywhere, no worrying that you’re creating waste and harming the environment.

Now, aren’t you glad we dreamed up Boomerang Box?

No nonsense guarantee

Our guarantee is rock solid yet simple; if you don’t enjoy using your Boomerang Boxes, and they are not the most convenient way of packing and moving your stuff, then we’ll refund your entire purchase.

Call us today on 1300 972 176 and find out how much easier, quicker, and greener your next move will be. If you are not ready to order today, fill in the form on the right hand side of this page and claim a coupon code to use when its time to move.

Order your Boomerang Boxes online or over the phone

Ready to make a move? Order your Boomerang Boxes and moving supplies online today! We have secure payment methods available, plus our team will be in touch to confirm your moving needs and dates.

Alternatively, contact us on 1300 972 176 to book your eco-friendly moving boxes over the phone. We can discuss your moving needs, figure out how many boxes you need for the move and provide competitive pricing to make moving more cost-effective.

Order online or contact us today!

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