Eco-friendly Moving Boxes Central Coast

Reduce waste, cost, and time when you hire our moving boxes on the Central Coast!

Whether you need moving boxes on the central coast because you’re tree-changing, sea-changing, upsizing, downsizing, or moving your office to a new location, Boomerang Boxes are an affordable, low-waste, low-stress packing solution!

Our eco-friendly moving boxes are made from super-efficient, industrial-strength plastic to keep your household items safe, dry, and secure during transit. Reusable up to 400 times, Boomerang Boxes mean you never need to worry about assembling or disassembling boxes, running out of tape, or stressing over disposals after your move.

Available for hire, we offer competitively priced packages for home and office moves, large and small. Boomerang Boxes are so easy to pack and stack that you’ll save loads of time packing and can fill a truck up to eight boxes high to save on transit costs. 

Speaking of packing and filling trucks, when you choose one of our moving box packages, we loan you a lightweight dolly to easily move boxes around your location and to/from the removal truck. To make your moving day even easier, we’ll also provide extra packing materials and supplies, including permanent markers, zip-lock labels, and bubble wrap.

Here’s how it works:

  • Order your boxes online or by phone
  • The boxes will be delivered to your location
  • Pack your belongings
  • Move to the new location and unpack
  • We’ll collect the boxes at a time that works for you!

Find you need more boxes during packing? No sweat. Place an order with us online or by phone, and we’ll drop off extras the next business day.

Order Boomerang Boxes day or night online or call our team on 1300 972 176 to find a moving box package for you. We offer great service every time!

We’ve been in the packing box business for nearly two decades, so we know how popular cardboard moving boxes are.

You probably already know how easily cardboard boxes collapse when wet or struggle to hold their shape when filled with heavy items like books — not to mention what a hassle it is to dispose of cardboard after a move and the cockroach parties in stored cardboard!

But did you know Australians throw out 850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard annually (the same as one billion trees) and that only 20% is recycled?

Our eco-friendly Boomerang Boxes are tough, economical, easy to pack, efficient, and time-saving — there’s no inconvenient box set-up or disposal. Available for hire anytime, our moving boxes on the Central Coast make packing cost-effective, simple, and environmentally friendly.

Check out our moving box packages today, or call our team on 1300 972 176 to get started.

Our customers love so many things about our reusable packing boxes, but here are a few benefits we always hear:

  • Protection for belongings: Made from reliable, industrial-strength materials, our cartons never get torn, worn out, crushed, collapsed, wet, or pulled apart. You can be confident you’ll unpack your belongings in the same condition you packed them!

  • Save money: The prices of our moving box packages are designed to suit every budget. Plus, you can comfortably stack up to eight boxes high, saving space in the removals truck and money on transit costs.

  • Reusable: Our eco-friendly moving boxes are reusable up to 400 times before recycling! Compared to single-use packing boxes, Boomerang Boxes are more durable, sustainable, and cost-effective.

  • Exclusive discounts for bulk office orders: Boomerang Boxes are ideal for home and office moves. Moving businesses is hard work, time-consuming, messy, and costly. We offer exceptional discounts to beat the market on the price of large-scale moves. Call our team on 1300 972 176 to explain your needs and find out what we can offer.

Experience the benefits of our Boomerang Box packages for yourself! Order online or call our team on 1300 972 176 to hire superior moving boxes on the Central Coast.

Hear what customers say about choosing our reusable moving boxes on the Central Coast, NSW for packing

It’s a fact that once our customers experience how easy and affordable Boomerang Boxes are, they rarely use cardboard boxes again. But don’t take it from us – here’s how some users of our moving boxes on the Central Coast, NSW, describe their experiences.

Keen to get started? Place an order online or call our team on 1300 972 176.

We have used these guys 4 times for house moves and they're amazing. The boxes and so convenient for packing and their service is always so friendly and attentive. Will always use boomerang box for any packing needs!
Jaimy L.
Jaimy L.
Boomerang Boxes were excellent. The boxes made our move so much easier and more organised. The crew were very helpful, efficient and a credit to this establishment.
sandy D.
sandy D.
The end to end service was very smooth. The staff are super friendly. I’m so glad that I decided to use these boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes. Not only they made the moving easier but also helped to not add any... extra waste to the environment. Totally recommend themread more
Bahar T.
Bahar T.
Such a great system and awesome service ..easy to use and wheel out on the dolleys...super sturdy and well designed and made. I assure you once you move with this system you will wonder what you have been doing all this time... with cardboard boxes and tape and strained back muscles.I chose the 2 bedroom option and the number and sizes of boxes was spot on ...couldn't have been easier and hassle free to use and organiseread more
Cameron T.
Cameron T.
This is the second time I’ve used Boomerang Box for a move. The boxes make moving so much easier. No stuffing around with tape, no need to dispose of boxes once the move is done and the delivery and drop off service mean that all... you need to do is stack them up and wait for collection.10/10, would recommend!read more
Kiah C.
Kiah C.
We have used Boomerang Box multiple times, and each experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Their product is top-notch, they are consistently reliable, and their team member, Nigel, is incredibly easy to communicate with.... We highly recommend Boomerang Box for all your moving box more
These are great. Sturdy, stackable and reusable. Highly recommend!
Niall C.
Niall C.
I am never buying a cardboard moving box ever again.We got the 3 bedroom moving kit from Boomerang Boxes and it was such a good decision. We also got some recycled butchers paper, labels & a marker and it was the best system.... Even our removalists commented on how great they were.They are incredibly sturdy and each box fits heaps! Once unpacked, they stack right back up and take up very little space. The best part is you don't have to deal with getting rid of flimsy cardboard boxes afterwards + the added enviro bonus of no waste.No need to review any other similar companies, Boomerang Boxes are the cheapest.Their customer service is on point too.I will be a life long customer of this company! Thank you for helping us streamline our move with your brilliant product!read more
Lydia B.
Lydia B.
Boomerang Box crates were easy to use, no tapes required, no waste, quick to pack and easy to move on the trolleys. Delivery and drop off were quick and efficient. Customer service was excellent with quick response time and... queries dealt with promptly. Highly more
Francoise M.
Francoise M.
Great customer service on the number of boxes we needed and were very prompt on delivering. The best thing about these boxes is they hold a large quantity of storage, they are sustainable, stackable along with reusable tags. We... used these boxes for an office move, that went more
Amelia K.
Amelia K.

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