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Make your next move low-stress, low-waste and low-cost with our eco-friendly, reusable moving boxes in Sydney

Whether you’re decluttering, preparing for a renovation, or readying to move home or office, Boomerang Boxes are a simple, affordable, low-waste packing solution, especially when compared to regular cardboard boxes! 

Easy to pack, stack, move, and unpack, these sturdy, eco-friendly moving boxes are made from industrial-strength plastic to keep your belongings protected, dry, and secure. 

Forget the stress, time, and hassle of taping up traditional cardboard boxes only to have them collapse under a heavy load or soak up water in the rain.

Available for hire today, Boomerang Boxes are ready to pack the instant our team unloads them from the truck. Simply pack your plastic moving boxes, stack them for removal to your new location, unpack them, and then call our team to collect them.

To make packing and organising even easier for you, every Boomerang Box package comes with handy packing supplies, like marker pens, butcher paper, bubble wrap, ziplock ties that double as labels, and a lightweight dolly to get your boxes to the truck. 

If you need to hire or purchase even more packing supplies, check out the pricing for our extensive range of quality materials. 

Ready to try plastic moving boxes in Sydney that will save you time, stress, and cost during a move? Order Boomerang Boxes online 24×7 or call our team on 1300 972 176 during business hours to place a phone order.

Splashing out on single-use cardboard boxes can be expensive. A compelling alternative to traditional, flimsy cardboard boxes, Boomerang Boxes deliver a whole range of unique benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. Thanks to their reusable nature, Boomerang Boxes work out cheaper than cardboard boxes. You save on transit costs because they’re so easy to stack in a truck. Plus, our competitively priced packages help make sure you get a great deal on cheap moving boxes.
  • No mess or disposal stress. Our team will collect our plastic moving boxes when you’ve finished with them. No messy cardboard boxes to recycle or throw away!
  • Eco-friendly, reusable packing boxes. Our customers use Boomerang Boxes up to 400 times before we recycle them. Made from strong and recyclable materials, our plastic crates are the most eco-friendly boxes on the market!
  • Sturdy protection. When you unpack a box, you want to find your belongings in the same condition you packed them. Boomerang Boxes are durable and rigid and don’t get damp, mouldy, crushed, worn out, torn, collapsed, wet, or pulled apart, so your belongings stay safe and sound.
  • Easy to pack and stack. Boomerang Boxes arrive at your doorstep ready to pack. The boxes can be stacked up to eight boxes high, helping save space and cost during transit or storage.

We designed our Boomerang Boxes to make moving quick, easy, and low-waste. For the most seamless, low-stress move yet, hire plastic moving boxes in Sydney online or call our team on 1300 972 176 today!

Our affordable, robust moving box rentals are ideal for home and office moves.

From small single-room apartments to large multi-story commercial spaces, we offer competitively priced moving box packages, with discounts on bulk orders to make your move cost-effective and efficient.

For small moves, our packages start at $185 for the first week. If that seems too much, check out pricing to hire individual plastic boxes and packing supplies to customise the right-sized package for you!

We offer significant discounts on moving equipment, packing supplies, and moving boxes in Sydney for large commercial moves. Need more than 100 boxes for an office move or a long-term rental to give you time to unpack? Call our team on 1300 972 176 for an obligation-free quote and advice on how to make your big move cost as little as possible.

Ready to get your move started? Hire plastic moving boxes online 24×7 or call our team on 1300 972 176 during business hours to place an order by phone.

Hear from some delighted customers who chose our sturdy plastic moving boxes for hire in Sydney

Not everyone can get excited about eco-friendly moving boxes in Sydney. Apart from our happy customers and us, of course! Here are a few words from some recent Boomerang Box users.

Boomerang Box
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Marike E.
Marike E.
Great boxes to use during my move. Stackable when empty and fully packed. They are easy to handle and make the whole move so much easier and quicker. No packing tape and cardboard any more, saving time and money. Would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Hi Marike,Isn't it amazing how much time and energy that durable, stackable, easily packable Boomerang Boxes make to the moving process? We're so pleased you found them easy to handle and quick to use. We're huge fans and love hearing from customers who enjoy using them too. We hope the unpacking process went as smoothly as the packing process! Thanks again for choosing our service - we look forward to hearing from you anytime you need great boxes for moving, packing, or decluttering.The Smart Move team.
John C.
John C.
5 stars. Delivery when we expected. Boxes were sturdy and easy to use. We had to extend a couple of times, this was easy to do. Pickup promptly when we were ready. Excellent service
Response from the owner: Hi JohnWe're delighted to read your glowing feedback! It was a pleasure helping you, and we're glad you enjoyed the Boomerang Box experience. We hope you're all settled now, and if you ever need sturdy, easily packable, eco-friendly packing boxes delivered right to your door (and collected again), please give us a call!The Boomerang Box team.
Karen S.
Karen S.
Getting Boomerang Boxes for my house move was the best decision I've made. The boxes are a great size, they aren't heavy and they stack perfectly, giving me so much more room to move. I had to put them outside for a while and was not concerned about my belongings getting damp. Love Boomerang Boxes!
Response from the owner: Hi Karen,We're so pleased to read you love Boomerang Boxes - us too! Once you've experienced their easy packability, stackability, and durability, it's hard to choose cardboard ever again. We hope you're settling into the new place well and look forward to hearing from you anytime you need spacious, lightweight, eco-friendly, water-resistant packing boxes to streamline a move, storage, or a spot of decluttering. Thanks for your kind words and generous stars!The Boomerang Box team.
Jaimy L.
Jaimy L.
We have used these guys 4 times for house moves and they're amazing. The boxes and so convenient for packing and their service is always so friendly and attentive. Will always use boomerang box for any packing needs!
Response from the owner: Hi Jaimy,It was so great to see you again. Thank you for the lovely words and for choosing Boomerang Box for your latest move! We might be biased, but the spacious durability of our boxes with no need to make up or break down cardboard moving cartons is a dream for us, too. It's probably too soon for you to tackle another move, but we're ready whenever you need durable, stackable, easily packable moving boxes again!The Boomerang Box team.
sandy D.
sandy D.
Boomerang Boxes were excellent. The boxes made our move so much easier and more organised. The crew were very helpful, efficient and a credit to this establishment.
Response from the owner: Hi Sandy,Isn't organising through a move easy with Boomerang Box? The quick and effective labeling system and readymade boxes that arrive ready to pack sure do help streamline moving days. We're delighted you found the experience excellent and hope you're settling in well in the new place. You know where to find us if you ever need to hire durable, stackable, easily packable moving boxes for relocating, storage, or decluttering in the future!The Boomerang Box team.
Bahar T.
Bahar T.
The end to end service was very smooth. The staff are super friendly. I’m so glad that I decided to use these boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes. Not only they made the moving easier but also helped to not add any extra waste to the environment. Totally recommend them
Response from the owner: Hi Bahar,Isn't it blissful to finish a move and have no cardboard to recycle? We love it and are so pleased to read that you do, too! We're also glad you found our team helpful and the service smooth. Packing to move or store belongings can be stressful, and we always aim to avoid adding to that stress. Your message reassures us that we're getting it right. Thank you for choosing Boomerang Box; we look forward to seeing you the next time you need durable, stackable, eco-friendly packing boxes! The Boomerang Box team.
Cameron T.
Cameron T.
Such a great system and awesome service ..easy to use and wheel out on the dolleys...super sturdy and well designed and made. I assure you once you move with this system you will wonder what you have been doing all this time with cardboard boxes and tape and strained back muscles.I chose the 2 bedroom option and the number and sizes of boxes was spot on ...couldn't have been easier and hassle free to use and organise
Response from the owner: Hi Cameron,We agree with you 100%! Flimsy cardboard boxes, tape, and endless recycling post-move are a thing of the past once you've experienced the ease and convenience of packing with durable Boomerang Boxes. We're delighted that you found the service hassle-free to use and organise. The last thing anyone needs when moving or packing is MORE stress, so always aim to keep our service smooth and reliable. We hope you're settling in well and look forward to hearing from you anytime you need more boxes for moving, storage, or decluttering!The Boomerang Box team.
Kiah C.
Kiah C.
This is the second time I’ve used Boomerang Box for a move. The boxes make moving so much easier. No stuffing around with tape, no need to dispose of boxes once the move is done and the delivery and drop off service mean that all you need to do is stack them up and wait for collection.10/10, would recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Kiah,Isn't it GREAT to pack and move without the mess and hassle of tape and disposing of piles of cardboard when the move is over? We're delighted to see you again and appreciate your kind review and generous stars. Every positive story helps us expand the Boomerang Box revolution a little further! We hope you're settling in well and look forward to hearing from you anytime you need boxes for moving, storage, or decluttering.The Boomerang Box team.
We have used Boomerang Box multiple times, and each experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Their product is top-notch, they are consistently reliable, and their team member, Nigel, is incredibly easy to communicate with. We highly recommend Boomerang Box for all your moving box needs.
Response from the owner: Hi IZI Fitouts team,Great to hear from you! It's always a pleasure to help your team, and we really appreciate the kind words, lovely stars, and word-of-mouth recommendations. We hope you're settling well and look forward to hearing from you again whenever you next need packing boxes for moving, storage, or decluttering.The Boomerang Box team.
Niall C.
Niall C.
These are great. Sturdy, stackable and reusable. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Niall, Aren't Boomerang Boxes great? They make packing much faster and easier than dealing with cardboard or flimsy plastic boxes. We're delighted you found them helpful and even more delighted you made time to leave us such positive feedback. It reminds us that what we're doing to make packing more efficient and sustainable is making a difference.We look forward to seeing you again whenever you need durable, packable, easily stackable, sustainable moving boxes!The Boomerang Box team.

FAQs about our robust plastic moving boxes in Sydney

No! We know you’re busy. We’ll drop the plastic boxes off at your location a business day or two after we receive your order. When you no longer need your moving boxes, give us a call, and we’ll come and collect them at a time when you’re available.

No deposit is required to secure an order. We’ll arrange to invoice once your plastic moving boxes are packed and send a final invoice once you no longer need them.

For sure. If you’re running low on packing boxes, contact our office to discuss how many extra boxes you need, and we’ll deliver them to you within one working day. Please note that additional delivery costs may apply.

No problem. Let our team know by phone, and we’ll come and collect unused boxes so they’re not in your way.

Too easy. If you need an extra week or two of hire to finish unpacking, let our office know on 1300 972 176 (please note additional hire costs may apply). If you need to keep our boxes long-term (for example, eight weeks), we’ll arrange a new, competitive quote for you.

Yes. Our team needs you to be available the day we deliver your plastic moving boxes and the day we pick them up to help guard against theft, damage, or vandalism.

100%! After each customer has finished with their plastic moving crates, our team collects the order and returns them to our central depot for cleaning and sanitisation before reuse. We’re committed to doing everything we can to keep your belongings safe and clean.

Unfortunately, no. Boomerang Boxes are available only for hire — that’s how we keep our prices low!

It takes a lot to damage a Boomerang Box – they’re made tough! If something does happen, we’ll assess the damage and provide a quote for you to replace them. If you lose one of our Boomerang Boxes, we’ll charge you a replacement fee of $35 per box or $70 for a moving dolly.

If you need a professional moving, packing, or storage service, we always recommend our sister business, Smart Move Removals + Storage. An established, family-run business, Smart Move crews are professionally trained, careful, and efficient at performing home, and office moves with minimal stress, mess, and hassle. Get a Quick Quote to help with your needs from their website in minutes.

Order the strong, reusable plastic moving boxes in Sydney that removalists prefer online or by phone today!

Hire moving boxes in Sydney from Boomerang Box online or by phone today!

Ready to make your next move, decluttering project, or renovation low-stress, fast, and affordable? Hire moving boxes in Sydney today from Boomerang Box: high-quality, affordable, eco-friendly packing boxes!

For plastic moving box hire, order online 24×7 or call our team on 1300 972 176 during business hours to order by phone.

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