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The moving boxes Canberra movers can count on for success!

Looking to hire moving boxes in Canberra? Look no further than Boomerang Box!

Our industrial plastic packing boxes are the ideal alternative to cardboard boxes. Tough and near-indestructible, Boomerang Boxes will ensure fragile items and heirlooms make it from point A to point B in one piece. Plus, our Boomerang Boxes are reusable up to 400 times — once you’ve finished unpacking, let us know, and we’ll be en route to pick them up for our next customer!

For the most reliable moving boxes in Canberra, contact the team from Boomerang Box! We can provide expert recommendations and advice for moving house or office. Alternatively, order your Boomerang Boxes online today.

Reusable moving boxes vs cardboard boxes

Let’s face it — traditional cardboard packing boxes are a nightmare. These thin, flimsy boxes require assembly, sticky tape, and extra packing materials to ensure fragile items like fine china and electronic equipment make it to their destination in one piece. Not to mention having to stack them away or filter them into the recycling bin for weeks after moving in!

Boomerang Boxes are a smart, convenient alternative to cardboard boxes. Made from industrial-strength plastic, our Boomerang Boxes are tough enough to keep your belongings protected in transit with fewer packing materials than traditional boxes.

Plus, our Boomerang Boxes are 100% waterproof, meaning they won’t fall apart when the rain starts to fall on moving day.

But the benefits don’t stop there!

  • Easy to stack. You can stack our Boomerang Boxes up to eight boxes high to maximise space during the move and pack like a pro. Plus, removalists tend to love our Boomerang Boxes — they’re quick and easy to pack into the moving truck!
  • Incredibly sturdy. Unlike cardboard boxes, our Boomerang Boxes won’t tear, crack, rip, fall apart or collapse. Your fragile items are safe from harm in these industrial plastic boxes.
  • Environmentally friendly. Boomerang Boxes can be reused up to 400 times before they’re recycled, helping save thousands of trees that would otherwise have been used to create cardboard boxes.
  • Available for hire only. You won’t have to deal with spare cardboard boxes once you’ve finished unpacking. Once the move is complete, our team will be on hand to pick them up and take them away. 

Contact us for the moving boxes Canberra residents can count on for a fast, easy move! We offer a comprehensive range of options to make moving a stress-free experience — every time.

Our moving box packages for residential and commercial customers in Canberra

To make moving even simpler, we offer convenient moving box packages complete with reusable Boomerang Box sand packing supplies like markers and labels. These moving box packages are available to both residential and commercial customers in Canberra.

Find the ideal moving solution below!

25 Box basic package


Moving Box Package

Our most affordable option for a small move. Includes: 25 large boxes, 1 moving dolly, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $110
$33 per week for extra weeks
1 Bedroom box package

1 Bedroom

Moving Box Package

This package is perfect for a one-bedroom home, or a single person contents. Includes: 20 large boxes, 10 medium boxes, 1 moving dolly, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $135
$39 per week for extra weeks
2 Bedroom box package

2 Bedroom

Moving Box Package

This package was created for the standard two-bedroom home, or for a couple. Includes: 30 large boxes, 10 medium boxes, 1 moving dolly, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $175
$51 per week for extra weeks
3 Bedroom box package

3 Bedroom

Moving Box Package

This package is ideal for the standard three-bedroom home, or for a small family. Includes: 40 large boxes, 15 medium boxes, 2 moving dollies, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $215
$71 per week for extra weeks
4 Bedroom box package

4 Bedroom

Moving Box Package

This package was created for the standard four-bedroom home, ideal for larger families. Includes: 50 large boxes, 20 medium boxes, 2 moving dollies, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $275
$90 per week for extra weeks
Small office

Small Office

Moving Box Package

This package is perfect for a small office move, or an office accommodating one to five staff members. Includes: 40 large boxes, 2 moving dollies, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $185
$53 per week for extra weeks
med office

Medium Office

Moving Box Package

This package is for a medium sized office move, or an office accommodating five to ten staff members. Includes: 60 large boxes, 3 moving dollies, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $270
$79 per week for extra weeks
large office

Large Office

Moving Box Package

This package is perfect for a large office move, or an office accommodating 10 to 20 staff members. Includes: 100 large boxes, 5 moving dollies, 1 permanent marker and free labels.
1 week = $395
$131 per week for extra weeks

Hear from our happy customers

Getting Boomerang Boxes for my house move was the best decision I've made. The boxes are a great size, they aren't heavy and they stack perfectly, giving me so much more room to move. I had to put them outside for a while and... was not concerned about my belongings getting damp. Love Boomerang Boxes!read more
Karen S.
Karen S.
We have used these guys 4 times for house moves and they're amazing. The boxes and so convenient for packing and their service is always so friendly and attentive. Will always use boomerang box for any packing needs!
Jaimy L.
Jaimy L.
Boomerang Boxes were excellent. The boxes made our move so much easier and more organised. The crew were very helpful, efficient and a credit to this establishment.
sandy D.
sandy D.
The end to end service was very smooth. The staff are super friendly. I’m so glad that I decided to use these boxes instead of the traditional cardboard boxes. Not only they made the moving easier but also helped to not add any... extra waste to the environment. Totally recommend themread more
Bahar T.
Bahar T.
Such a great system and awesome service ..easy to use and wheel out on the dolleys...super sturdy and well designed and made. I assure you once you move with this system you will wonder what you have been doing all this time... with cardboard boxes and tape and strained back muscles.I chose the 2 bedroom option and the number and sizes of boxes was spot on ...couldn't have been easier and hassle free to use and organiseread more
Cameron T.
Cameron T.
This is the second time I’ve used Boomerang Box for a move. The boxes make moving so much easier. No stuffing around with tape, no need to dispose of boxes once the move is done and the delivery and drop off service mean that all... you need to do is stack them up and wait for collection.10/10, would recommend!read more
Kiah C.
Kiah C.
We have used Boomerang Box multiple times, and each experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Their product is top-notch, they are consistently reliable, and their team member, Nigel, is incredibly easy to communicate with.... We highly recommend Boomerang Box for all your moving box more
These are great. Sturdy, stackable and reusable. Highly recommend!
Niall C.
Niall C.
I am never buying a cardboard moving box ever again.We got the 3 bedroom moving kit from Boomerang Boxes and it was such a good decision. We also got some recycled butchers paper, labels & a marker and it was the best system.... Even our removalists commented on how great they were.They are incredibly sturdy and each box fits heaps! Once unpacked, they stack right back up and take up very little space. The best part is you don't have to deal with getting rid of flimsy cardboard boxes afterwards + the added enviro bonus of no waste.No need to review any other similar companies, Boomerang Boxes are the cheapest.Their customer service is on point too.I will be a life long customer of this company! Thank you for helping us streamline our move with your brilliant product!read more
Lydia B.
Lydia B.
Boomerang Box crates were easy to use, no tapes required, no waste, quick to pack and easy to move on the trolleys. Delivery and drop off were quick and efficient. Customer service was excellent with quick response time and... queries dealt with promptly. Highly more
Francoise M.
Francoise M.

FAQs about our moving boxes in Canberra

Absolutely. Boomerang Boxes are made from industrial-strength plastic that can be reused up to 400 times before being recycled, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes. For some perspective, 850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are thrown away annually, equalling around one billion trees! Our goal is to reduce this number with our eco-friendly moving boxes.

Unfortunately not. Our moving boxes are available for hire only so we can keep costs low for our customers.

Of course! Just get in touch within one business day of the move. You can call us at the office at 1300 972 176 or order more boxes online, and we will deliver them to your doorstep ASAP. Please note that additional delivery costs may apply.

Absolutely. If you need an extra week or two to unpack, just call us at 1300 972 176 and let us know how long you think you’ll need them for. Please note that additional hire costs may apply.

Once you’ve placed an order online, our team will be in touch to process your payment over the phone. We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. Alternatively, give us a call at 1300 972 176 to order and pay over the phone.

Once you’ve finished unpacking, just give us a call, and we will schedule a pick up of your Boomerang Boxes. You don’t have to clean them – we’ll take them back to our central depot to be cleaned and sanitised before we pass them on to the next customer.

Of course. Our Boomerang Boxes are ideal for packing offices or businesses, and we offer moving box packages catering to commercial businesses. To make packing even easier on your bottom line, we offer competitive rates for large commercial moves — even for long-term Boomerang Box rentals. We can make your move easy and cost-effective!

Yes! Our boxes are made from industrial-strength plastic and won’t collapse or break in the moving process, so there’s no need to worry about breaking your electronics! Plus, we offer bubble wrap and packing paper to provide more cushioning around fragile items like electronics.

Yes! We offer a comprehensive range of packing materials to ensure your delicate items (like fine china) arrive in one piece. From bubble wrap to packing paper and more, we stock everything you need for a successful move.

No! If you only have a few things to move, you can hire singular boxes instead. This option is great for moving out of home, a shared house, a small office, or even a small apartment.

Yes! We always return our Boomerang Boxes to our depot, where they are cleaned, sanitised and quarantined before moving on to the next customer.

It’s almost impossible to break or damage a Boomerang Box, but these things happen. If you damage one of our boxes, we will assess the damage and provide a quote. If you lose or misplace a box, you will be charged a replacement fee of $35 (or $70 for a moving dolly).

We can deliver Boomerang Boxes throughout multiple cities. Check out our services areas to see if Boomerang Box is operating in your region.

Absolutely! We offer a range of moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, labels, markers and dollies.

Yes! Our sister business, Smart Move, offers local and interstate removalist services. Contact Smart Move at 1300 972 176 for an obligation-free quote.

No, but Smart Move can! Our sister business offers professional packing services, including “complete packing” and “partial packing”. Smart Move can help pack and unpack on arrival at your new destination, taking a lot of work and stress out of moving home or office.

Our Canberra moving boxes are available for hire online — order yours now!

Ready to make your move? Our Canberra moving boxes are available to order online now! Order singular boxes or a convenient moving box package, and we’ll deliver the boxes directly to your doorstep.

Alternatively, contact us at 1300 972 176 for expert recommendations and advice on how you can save and plan a successful move. We’ve helped thousands of people move home or office throughout Australia!

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